IWC congratulates the 2014 Master of Integrated Water Management graduating cohort

IWC congratulates the 2014 Master of Integrated Water Management graduating cohort

31 students (23 full-time and 8 part-time/distance) from 21 countries graduated yesterday at The University of Queensland – the sixth graduating cohort since the program’s launch in 2008.
IWC congratulates the 2014 Master of Integrated Water Management graduating cohort

IWC CEO Mark Pascoe wishes the group an exciting and rewarding adventure in the next phase of their journeys. “This is a very important time in the water sector,” he said. “It’s a time of great change and possibility. Those embarking on this pathway now will be ambassadors for that change, crucial advocates for integrated water management.”

The IWC Alumni Network welcomes the graduates into its dynamic community of over 700 water professionals from 74 countries promoting integrated water management around the world.

Many of the international students in the program will be returning home now, armed with expertise to help advance effective water resource management and development in their own countries.

IWC would particularly like to thank the Australia Awards Scholarships for funding students from Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, Chile, Bolivia, Haiti, Bhutan, Indonesia, Ecuador, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Fiji and Nepal. The knowledge these professionals have shared and gained will be invaluable in supporting a sustainable water future for the world.

IWC 2014 graduating cohortThe Masters graduates, who specialised in one of three streams – international developmenturban water or water, land and people – will be taking on a wide variety of roles leading to diverse and interesting career paths.

Many of their final projects reflect the directions they want to explore, from measuring impacts of the CSG industry on surface water, to WASH issues in developing countries context, sustainable urban water supply and irrigation.

Pauline Komolong from Papua New Guinea said, “It was a dream come true when I was awarded an Australia Awards Scholarship for the Master of Integrated Water Management. WASH is an area that is lacking in PNG and the Pacific, and what I gained in the program will really help me professionally as I face the future.

“Water is life and we need to manage our water resources sustainably,” she said. “I would really encourage more females from the Pacific region to take up this amazing course. Learning from other students around the globe was an extra bonus. A big thank you to the awesome IWC team for making my studies an enjoyable experience that I will never forget!”


Master of Integrated Water Management

The program creates water leaders by drawing on international teaching and research from many fields to provide a transdisciplinary, whole-of-water-cycle approach to water management.

Past graduates have pursued work with NGOs, government or aid agencies, consultancies, water utilities, community development agencies, environmental regulators and agricultural, mining and industrial companies.


Scholarships for the Master of Integrated Water Management are currently open to international candidates (closing soon – 1 August) and domestic candidates (closing 1 October).

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