IWC Alumni contribute to IWM knowledge-base

IWC Alumni contribute to IWM knowledge-base

Two 2014 MIWM Alumni have contributed their work to the New Water Policy and Practice Journal, a platform for the world’s emerging water leaders and thinkers.

IWC Alumni contribute to IWM knowledge-base

IWC Alumni feature in latest edition of New Water Policy and Practice journal

2014 Masters of Integrated Water Management Alumni, Vanh Mixap and Verónica Gallardo have recently published the findings from their final project research in the open source journal New Water Policy and Practice.

The journal, published bi-annually, features foundational contributions from internationally recognised water leaders and submissions expressing new ideas from the world’s young water professionals and emerging water leaders.

The research

Analysing strategies for emerging leaders in Lao PDR to achieve integrated urban wastewater management, Vanh Mixap’s research looks at what skills are required to achieve change within the water-energy nexus. Using qualitative research methodology, the paper highlights the need for collaboration and coordination between the water and energy sectors in urban wastewater management in Lao PDR. The findings contributed to an identification of relevant strategies for emerging leaders who wish to advance integrated and more sustainable forms of wastewater management in Lao PDR.

Verónica Gallardo’s research examined the current practices of animal farming, community habits and associated water scarcity. The study found that it is possible to implement substantial change in the current models of food production to tackle the world’s water issues. To do so, supporting behavioural change processes that influence food choices in consumers and stimulating a transformation of production lines is required.

More information

Read the full papers and latest edition of the New Water Policy and Practice here.

For more information about the IWC’s Master of Integrated Water Management or the IWM Final Project, contact:
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