International RiverFoundation: Reviving the World’s Rivers

International RiverFoundation: Reviving the World’s Rivers

The International Riverfoundation has recently released a new video about “Reviving the World’s Rivers” and its global efforts in helping restore and sustainably manage river basins. Jackline Muturi, IWC scholarship recipient, and Dr Brian McIntosh, IWC Education Program Manager, are both featured in the video.
International RiverFoundation: Reviving the World's Rivers

View the video ‘Reviving the World’s Rivers’ on YouTube.


The International RiverFoundation (IRF) works in partnerships around the world to fund and promote the sustainable restoration and management of river basins. As an international dynamic public benefit organisation based in Brisbane, Australia, IRF makes a life-changing impact on individuals and communities. By helping restore and sustainably manage rivers IRF, with its many partners, has achieved improved health, ecological, economic, and social outcomes for people and the environment.

IRF manages the International Riversymposium, the world’s preeminent international conference on rivers and basins, offering internationally recognised speakers, networking opportunities and a unique opportunity for collaboration between sectors.

International Riversymposium

The 18th International Riversymposium (21-24 September 2015) has an overarching theme of “Healthy Rivers – Healthy Economies”, a topical subject given the recent announcement from the World Economic Forum that water-related issues pose the greatest risk to world stability over the coming decade. The program will encourage constructive engagement between communities, scientists, policy makers, river professionals and the many business sectors and industries who depend on high quality water and healthy rivers.

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International RiverFoundation Fund

IRF provides companies and individuals with the opportunity to be part of the solution and to establish an enduring legacy in river restoration around the world. As a not-for-profit organisation it depends on sponsorships and donations to continue this important work.

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