Four-week capacity building program to support water supply reforms in Indonesia

Four-week capacity building program to support water supply reforms in Indonesia


Australian Award Fellowship begins with 13 Indonesian delegates joining the International WaterCentre in Brisbane.

On Saturday 24 September, 13 delegates from across Indonesia water supply institutions arrived for a four-week capacity building program in Australia. Funded under the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Australian Award Fellowship, this program provides an opportunity for skills enhancement, knowledge sharing, building shared experiences and sectoral links between Australia and Indonesian Institutions.

Hosted by the International WaterCentre, this four-week capacity building program aims to build on the lessons from Australia to inform water supply reform in Indonesia. In the past decade, Indonesia has made impressive economic progress, however challenges such as bottlenecks to infrastructure development and institutional weaknesses threaten this progress.

Through partnerships with Indonesian institutions such as BAPPENAS and PERPAMSI the IWC has gained an understanding of complex challenges facing water supply services in Indonesia. Overlapping governance policies and structures is one challenge that affects the effective coordination and delivery of services. Working with BAPPENAS, the IWC has designed a program that will provide Indonesian water professionals with targeted opportunities to critically analyse a range of approaches for guiding strategic water reforms, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of different levels of government, improving cost recovery, consumer engagement, water security aspects, and approaches for supporting evidence-based decision making. The program will also spend two days focused on building water leadership skills that will be critical to support Fellows share their lessons upon returning to the workplace.

Led by the IWC’s Edith Kamundi, the Fellows will be based in Brisbane with field trips to Stradbroke Island, Toowoomba, Canberra and Gippsland, Victoria. In these visits the Fellows will meet with a range of leading Australian water experts and practitioners to share experiences and build capacity for positive change.

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For more information, contact:

Edith Kamundi
Project Officer
P: +61 7 30287602

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