Express your interest to host a Masters student project

Express your interest to host a Masters student project

Nominate your organisation to be involved in the 2013-14 round of student Final Projects undertaken as part of the International WaterCentre (IWC) Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM).
Express your interest to host a Masters student project

What is the MIWM Final Project?

The Final Project is the culminating experience of the IWC Master of Integrated Water Management; whereby students are required to design and undertake self-directed project work that consolidates and applies the concepts, principles and methodologies learned to date.

Students are encouraged to anchor their project to a focal issue of personal or professional development interest. The rationale behind the project is firmly rooted in a current, emerging or forecast water-related challenge, explored through integrated stakeholder and disciplinary viewpoints.

The setting for the Final Project can be regional or global, either in developed or developing country context. The outcomes should propose practical, integrated, best-practice responses under these conditions.

Since the program’s launch in 2008, the MIWM has successfully delivered more than 100 projects in over 37 countries, in collaboration with 45 organisations across the globe.


Collaborative projects are encouraged

Students are encouraged to use the Final Project experience to undertake collaborative projects with organisations or communities seeking integrated solutions to complex water-related challenges.

Where relevant, Final Projects can also be developed within the candidates current work context. Scholarship and visa conditions permitting, Projects can be undertaken in Australia or overseas.


How can your organisation become involved?

IWC has a strong track record in delivering high quality, industry relevant projects with mutually beneficial outcomes to both host organisation and student.

Interested organisations are encouraged to register a collaborative professional project opportunity via our online project nomination form:

Express your interest to host a final project


This form is quick and easy to fill in – project title, brief outline of project scope/idea, expected deliverables, any in-kind/financial support offered by your organisation and contact details for follow up.

IWC will distribute these opportunities to enrolled students as they are submitted. Students then engage directly with the contact person nominated to negotiate a project or placement scenario that suits all interested parties.


When is the best time to start?

The Final Project component of the MIWM offers a variety of flexible delivery modes for full-time and part-time students. As such, Final Projects can be tailored to best suit your organisation’s project delivery deadlines.

Projected start and completion dates 

Full-time delivery options:
Summer         (26 Nov 2013 – 27 Jan 2014)
Semester 1     (24 Feb 2014 – 1 June 2014)
Semester 2     (21 July 2014 – 26 Oct 2014)

Part-time* delivery options:
Summer         (26 Nov 2013 – 1 Jun 2014)
Semester 1     (24 Feb 2014 – 26 Oct 2014)
Semester 2     (21 July 2014 – 31 May 2015)

*part-time delivery is available to domestic students only.


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