Enhancing Peru’s water supply practices through integrated water management

Enhancing Peru’s water supply practices through integrated water management

Professionals working in water-supply management in Peru spent three and a half weeks with IWC in Australia as part of the Australian Awards Fellowship Round 15, to increase their integrated water management (IWM) tools and knowledge for the improvement of water-supply practices in urban and rural Peru.
Enhancing Peru's water supply practices through integrated water management

The professionals came from a diversity of organisations, including government agencies, private sector organisations and NGOs. They visited Brisbane, Toowoomba and Perth, exploring topics such as utilities management, asset planning, demand management, water supply service models and water-security. There was a strong focus on Australia’s experience in issues such as population growth and climate uncertainty.

The group met with professionals from:

  • Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines
  • Queensland Government Department of Energy and Water Supply
  • SEQ Catchments
  • Northey street City Farm
  • Blight Tanner Pty Ltd
  • SEQWater
  • Queensland Urban Utilities
  • Queensland Water Directorate
  • Toowoomba Regional Council
  • University of Southern Queensland
  • Swan River Trust
  • Water Corporation
  • Centre for Water in the Minerals Industry, University of Queensland
  • Fourex Brewery

The program used a combination of lectures and site-visits to showcase the Australian experience in IWM, and structured workshops where participants reflected on what they had learnt and drew lessons applicable to the Peruvian context.

The program focused on enhancing the coordination among the participants’ organisations to jointly address water related problems at a catchment level. It explored the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships to drive innovation in the sector and the processes through which these are formed.

An important outcome of the program was the formation by the participants of a Community of Practice to serve as a platform for exchanging knowledge and improving collaboration among their institutions and to influence decision making in the sector.

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