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Student interview

Daniel Green (Australia)

Daniel Green

Water Resources Officer

GWMWater, Victoria


Graduate Certificate in Water Planning

Graduated 2013


What's your professional background?

"This degree has equipped me with new tools and ideas. I feel more confident in my capabilities."

I have spent the last three years working as the Water Resources Officer for Grampians Wimmera Mallee. My role involves coordinating the water deliveries to urban, rural, recreational and environmental customers, storage management operations and bulk entitlement assessments. I work with many key agencies (catchment management authorities, government departments, other water corporations), industries and stakeholders (land holders, Aboriginal Councils, recreation lobbies).

What attracted you to the Graduate Certificate in Water Planning in the first place?

As well as having subjects that I was interested in pursuing, the program was set apart by having international focus and recognition. This was demonstrated by the numerous international students from a range of countries involved participating in the Master of Integrated Water Management.

What were the strong points of the program in your opinion?

The program provided relevant and interesting material which I was able to instantaneously use in my work life. Many of the subjects included useful frameworks which provided a step-by-step method for approaching problems.

The structure of the program was also beneficial to someone like myself who works full-time. The intensive week allowed the core learnings to be worked through one-on-one.

Another strong point of the program were the discussions with the many other students from the water industry who had interesting perspectives and could provide some guidance for challenges I had been facing. Contact continued through the online tutorials and I have thoroughly enjoyed the relationships made with the other students as well as staff.

Are you using what you learned in the program in your current work?

Absolutely, I have used learnings from the program since the initial intensive week. In particular, I have found the frameworks around community consultation and project management very beneficial as they were not areas I had considered before commencing the program. I’m now interested in pursuing these areas further as I have witnessed the effectiveness they have.

How do hope to use your degree to help progress your career in the future?

I believe the degree has already assisted me progress my career in my current role as it has equipped me with new tools and ideas. I feel more confident in my capabilities.
I think the degree will also assist me when I seek to try new pathways in the industry. I have made numerous contacts who I hope can bounce ideas off and share knowledge for many years to come. I’d like to continue with the Master’s degree and would like to one day work overseas in the water industry.

Is there anything you would say to someone thinking of enrolling?

I would highly recommend this course to anybody who is currently in or looking to work in the water industry. You don’t need much experience going into the course as you will come out with very useful ideas and meet many interesting people who will help you (hopefully) for many years to come.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I found the course coordinators to be incredible people. Their knowledge across a variety of fields was inspiring, but most importantly they were very personable. During the course they provided fantastic guidance around completing the assessments to the best of our abilities. They were also invaluable at providing guidance for me personally and I have had discussion with them around my own career progression. This was often done informally at the end of a busy day over a glass of wine/beer!




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