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Dr Wade Hadwen

7920ENV, WATR7100 - Aquatic ecosystem and catchment health / WATR7001 - Science of water

wade Hadwen

Lecturer, School of Environment, Australian Rivers Institute and Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Griffith University


Dr Wade Hadwen is an aquatic ecologist whose research focuses on the assessment of aquatic ecosystem responses to disturbances. This includes catchment wide disturbances, like land clearing and land use change, as well as temporally and spatially restricted disturbances, like those associated with visitor activities in and around pristine environments within protected areas. Much of Wade’s research has focused on how human activities alter the flow of carbon and nitrogen transfers through lake, river and estuarine environments, but more recently, he has also become interested in the ecological and human dimensions of climate change adaptation. His current research focuses on climate change adaptation in climate vulnerable communities in the Pacific and through all of his research, Wade adopts an holistic approach to understanding complex problems and developing sustainable management solutions.

Research expertise

  • Aquatic ecology (freshwater and estuarine)
  • Protected area management
  • Visitor impacts/indicators
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Water resource management in climate-vulnerable settings


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