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Tarika Khanna (India)

Tarika Khanna

Water and sanitation professional


2015/16 IWC Alumni Ambassador for India


Master of Integrated Water Management
(with Australia Awards Scholarship)

Graduated in 2015


Tarika Khanna MIWM


Why did you choose this program?

Before applying for the Masters program, I was working in the water and sanitation sector in Delhi for a few years. While working I realised even though water and sanitation issues pose a grave problem for communities in general, the bigger issue is that water resource management needs to be tackled at a city level. As more and more cities are being pinned on the map, there is a dire need to look at water management for entire cities. I realised that I wanted to enrich and equip myself with knowledge about urban water issues and challenges and how to manage water as a resource. IWC gave me that opportunity. I learnt about water resource management in general, but was able to focus on urban water stream as my specialisation. 

What were the best parts of the program and why?

The multi-cultural nature of the program gave me an opportunity to be exposed to people from different occupations with different educational backgrounds and cultures. The enriching interactions and discussions between my classmates and esteemed faculty staff really helped me broaden my perspective not only for educational purposes but also in life generally. The different field visits that were organised as part of the program gave me a great opportunity to corroborate the theoretical part of the program.


How do you plan to use what you’ve learned in either your current job or future career?

The water sector in India is growing rapidly with increasing migration, industrialisation etc. and needs to place attention on urban as well as peri-urban dwellers. I wish to pursue my career in research, and the skills and knowledge that I have gained through IWC’s Masters program through either the teaching or enriching discussions will definitely help me work better on water resource issues. The knowledge gained will improve and shape my direction working towards water sensitive cities and using water resources as a main form of achieving sustainable and inclusive development for all.


Tarika's final project

Are water ATMs an innovative solution in providing safe drinking water to urban poor?


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