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Suzanne King (USA)

Suzanne King

Communications Director


Master of Integrated Water Management                                          

Graduated in 2015


Why did you choose this program?

I am passionate about environmental sustainability and very interested in water specifically. I love learning about and working on different aspects of water (governance, technical, physical, biological, social, economic and many other areas). I wanted to focus my Master’s degree as fully as possible on water sustainability, and there are few programs that provide such a curriculum.

After much research, I quickly realised that IWC’s Masters program was the best fit for me. Given the country’s experiences with water management, the location of the program in Australia, the interdisciplinary curriculum focused on water, and classmates from around the world were the main reasons for choosing the program. Additionally, I was drawn to the program because of the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained to my final project while tailoring it to my specific interests. The final project provided unique flexibility and autonomy combined with great support from IWC and my supervisors.

Overall, I chose the program because it gave me the chance to learn how to consider water through an IWM lens in an international setting with world-class people and institutions.


What were the best parts of the program and why?

The people were the best part of the program – our classmates, the course lecturers, the IWC staff and the brilliant speakers who visited our classroom and those who hosted field visits. It was quite a unique and valuable experience to learn from classmates from Australia and different parts of the world. Working together on problem-based learning assignments with team mates from many different countries taught me so much about water issues related to specific contexts and also about teamwork in general and across cultures.

As we learned of water issues facing certain sectors or regions, we were able to draw upon each other for context-specific experiences in ways that we would have been unable to do through more conventional methods. The field visits, for example to North Stradbroke Island or some urban agricultural sites, were incredibly valuable as well and provided an added depth of knowledge and exposure.


How do you plan to use what you’ve learned in either your current job or future career?

I plan to combine my passion for water sustainability and knowledge gained from the MIWM program with my communications and business background to help further integrated water management (IWM) practices and approaches. I look forward to helping grow organisations that provide water sustainability solutions that maximise social, economic and environmental benefits. My goals include optimizing innovative technologies, communication platforms and business models that help uphold IWM principles.


Suzanne's final project:

How has urban metabolism been interpreted and communicated?

Suzanne King

Suzanne King






















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