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Phuong Lien Tran (Viet Nam)


 Master of Integrated Water Management

(with AusAID Scholarship)


Graduated 2009

Final semester project

River basin organisation activity in Vietnam

Vietnam has followed the world trends in water resources management, particularly Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) for nearly a decade.

Water reform in Vietnam including the promulgation of the Law and sub-laws on water resources management, the establishment of Apex body and River Basin Organisations (RBOs) has expressed the opinion of the Government to follow this approach. However, inconsistent legal frameworks and overlaps among roles of institutions have limited the implementation of IWRM in Vietnam. 

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Lien's story

"Working in an interdisciplinary team is a very important skill for my future career."

"All the students in the course came from different backgrounds, but we all had one thing in common," Lien said, "an appreciation of the importance of water.

“Working in an interdisciplinary team is a very important skill for my future career,” she said.

“Moreover, the program is designed through problem-based learning, case-study applications, including many field trips, workshops and conferences, and is a practical style of study.

“Attending the International Riversymposium and Queensland Landcare Conference as a part of the program gave me a chance to meet a great number of people working in water management from a wide range of backgrounds.”




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