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Annie Chan (Macao)

Annie Chan

Assistant Operations Manager, Macao Water

Master of Integrated Water Management                                                        

Graduated in 2015


Why did you choose this program?

It was a tough decision to suspend a stable income and invest in my own education. I had been working in the field for almost 10 years and was looking for a degree program that could bridge practical and academic aspects to optimise my professional development. The approach of the MIWM program of cultivating T-shaped professionals by integrating ethics, context and personal values, and the many field trips in the curriculum design caught my attention. I compared it with other similar programs provided worldwide and concluded that the approach and the curriculum design were really something unique to the program. This was the reason that led me to the IWC Master in Integrated Water Management!


What were the best parts of the program and why?

Although the decision to join the MIWM program rested on its approach of developing T-shaped professionals and the field trips in the curriculum, the best part of the program turned out to be the notion of self-reflection that the program promotes. The peer review process of the first problem-based learning (PBL) project, the learning diary as required by one of the modules, the detailed and professional comments from the markers of the PBLs and the final project, among others, were all examples of how the program tried to cultivate our self-reflection and self-learning capacity. This is what really sustains the momentum of personal development and advancement. While the Masters certificate proofs the completion of a degree program, it is the capacity in self-reflection that guarantees lifelong learning!


How do you plan to use what you’ve learned in either your current job or future career?

I believe the ultimate goal of self-reflection and self-learning is to become a better self for a better world. However, how can ‘better’ or ‘good’ be defined? In the conclusion of my final project report, I made a metaphor out of rainbows: “Integrating a spectrum of colours shows us the light and brightness. Integrating a spectrum of people’s passions and pursuits shows us the faith and hope. Faith and hope never disappoint when we expect something good.” This was the conclusion of the final project, and a brand new notion for my career path. Whatever field or position I am in, I will strive to keep empowerment, engagement and action learning as the defining characteristics of my work style.

Annie's final project:

Applying the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways model in the Pearl River Delta, China – A business case approach


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