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Student projects

Cousineau, D, 2009 –– Determining Demand to Sell Sanitation: A preliminary analysis of the potential of combining Community-Led Total Sanitation and sanitation marketing in Cambodia
Cammerman, N, 2009 –– Integrated Water Management and the Energy, Water, Climate Change Nexus
Tran, P.L, 2009 –– River Basin Organisation Activity in Vietnam: Exploring a Way Forward for the Vu Gia - Thu Bon River Basin Coordinating Organisation, Central Vietnam
Taing, L, 2010 –– Improving sewerage for South Africa: A study of institutional constraints to the adoption of alternative forms of sewerage
Davidson, C, 2010 - Water and gender in the Middle East: A case study in Bedouin communities of Israel, Jordan and the West Bank.
Apunyo, R, 2010 –– Influence of sanitation policies on sanitation coverage in Uganda: A case study of latrine provision in Kumi District Decentralised Local Government
Spooner, K, 2011 –– Implementation of the national IWRM policy, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Goldberg, J, 2011 –– WaterSHED Asia program, Cambodia
Bodsworth, P, 2010––Protection of water and natural resources from coal mining in Queensland
Breytenbach, K, 2011 –– The socio-ecological values that subsistence farmers place on their water-related ecosystem services in Koffykraal
Forster, J, 2011 –– Integrated Policy - Disintegrated Practice: A Livelihoods-Policy-Interplay Analysis (LPIA) of IWRM implementation in the Crocodile (West) - Marico Water Management Area in South Africa
Craig, L, 2011 –– The Viability of Biofiltration Stormwater Management Systems in Informal Settlements in South Africa
Hines Leo, K, 2011 –– Implementing IWRM in the Pacific: Improving Demonstration Project Information Management
Bednarz, P, 2011 –– Strengthening water & sanitation governance structures for Vanuatu; collaboration between the Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) and the Government of Vanuatu.
Nguyen, H, 2011 –– Integrating sanitation marketing into a national program: A case study in Vietnam
Andrade, M.B, 2009 –– Bringing motivations and emotions into the study of multi-stakeholder platforms for Integrated Catchment Management
Hara, K, 2010 –– Nauru’s Pacific integrated water resources management project
Murta, J, 2010 –– The challenge of sustainable rural water supply: A case study in East Timor
Faridy, M, 2010 –– Impact of climate change on water resources in Bangladesh
Diner, J, 2012 –– Together Addressing Climate Change: How an Integrated Water Resource Management Perspective can Strengthen the Delivery of a Community Based Adaptation Project in Rural Cambodia
Bradfield, G, 2012 –– Integrated Water Resources Management and Adaptive Environmental Management: Managing the impacts of the Coal Seam Gas industry on the Great Artesian Basin
Chen, G, 2012 –– Chepang livelihoods and development - Participant observation in an Agro-Biodiversity Conservation project with a local NGO, RIMS Nepal, in Dhading district, Nepal
Bowling, T, 2012 –– A tray full of money is not worth a mind full of knowledge: Taking outcomes to impacts - the art of integrating WASH and nutrition in resettled villages in the Lao PDR
Scott, B, 2012 –– An investigation of the potential impediments to transitioning to the use of Water Sensitive Urban Design practices in South East Queensland
Madrigal, D, 2015 - Situation analysis: Faecal Sludge Management in Costa Rican illegal settlements
Hearne, D, 2013 –– Examining the contribution of socio-technical approaches for improving decision-making in integrated watershed management. A case study of Davao, Philippines.
Brieva, C, 2013 –– A GIS-based approach for determining impacts from mining on the safety of drinking water supplies in the Tablelands regional council, Far North Queensland
Bouckaert, F, 2013 –– An ecosystem services valuation approach to address ecological restoration of rivers
Orams, P, 2013 –– The barriers to implementing Water Sensitive Urban Design in the Tweed Shire Area (Australia)
MacCarl, B, 2012 –– From Plump to Pump: Land, Wealth and Inequality in Nepal's Groundwater Irrigation Strategy
Walker, M, 2015 –– Inclusion of social indicators: A tool for improving catchment health monitoring
Khanna, T, 2015 –– Are water ATMs an innovative solution in providing safe drinking water to urban poor
Mixap, V, 2015 –– Analysis of strategies for emerging leaders in Lao PDR to achieve integrated urban wastewater management
Chan, A, 2015 –– Applying the South East Queensland Healthy Waterways model in the Pearl River Delta, China – A business case approach
Hunter, R, 2015 –– How can the rapid basin-wide assessment tool (RSAT) play a role in bringing together polarised groups to improve multi-stakeholder dialogue between government and civil society?
Nelligan, F, 2015 –– A critique and proposed enhancement of the Queensland approval process for large-scale agricultural developments: The Etheridge Integrated Agricultural Project case study
King, S, 2015 –– How has urban metabolism been interpreted and communicated?
Hinton, S, 2015 –– Application of an analytic hierarchy process for optimal decision-making in a wastewater management options assessment: A case study in Caboolture, Queensland
Dancey, M, 2015 –– Evaluation of options to improve water and energy efficiency of a regional Victorian town
Tarigan, E, 2015 –– Legitimacy and influence: A case study of the Jakarta Water Resources Council (JWRC) in the context of IWRM
Cartwright, B, 2015 –– Improving accountability in water and sanitation service provision in the context of WaterAid’s work in Nepal
Lee, K, 2015 –– The value of recreation in South East Queensland drinking water catchments
Green, D, 2015 –– Activating the Truganina Swamp – A case study integrating social and environmental outcomes
Lehane, S, 2015 –– Improving Child Health Outcomes in Indonesia – Health Sector Integration with National Policy on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Rifat, F, 2015 - 'Customer at the centre' for strategic planning and decision-making of water servicing and asset management - Exploring the concept and way forward with asset planners


IWC Masters Scholarships


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