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IWC Water Leadership Program

The International WaterCentre (IWC) Water Leadership Program helps emerging leaders to develop the abilities they need to exert influence, drive change and advance challenging integrated water management projects — abilities associated with the most effective integrated water management leaders.

"The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority" - Dr Ken Blanchard, The Ken Blanchard Companies 


Applications for the 2017/2018 Water Leadership Program scholarships are now closed. Self-funded direct applications are welcome, learn more here 

Designed for emerging water leaders at the project to middle management level, this program is customised for the water sector through sound research and collaboration with experienced industry practitioners.

The program focuses on helping leaders to build the leadership abilities (e.g. skills, knowledge and networks), to manage complex challenges, as well as collaborate and exert influence across organisational boundaries.


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The program won the 2013 Stormwater Industry Association of Queensland Award for Excellence in Policy and Education.

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Who is this program for?

Participants will have opportunities to identify and strengthen key leadership attributes (e.g. skills) that are relevant to their individual work context. So, while the program has been designed in Australia, it can also benefit water practitioners from overseas.

Project and middle managers with:

  • At least three years of experience in the water sector.
  • A strong commitment to learning and personal development.
  • A desire to complement their technical and management skills with advanced leadership capabilities.
  • An aspiration to improve their ability to influence stakeholders and drive change in order to deliver more integrated forms of water management.

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Program participants gain:

  • Improved ability to strategically influence and to effectively drive change, especially in relation to challenging integrated water management projects and policies.
  • Guidance on leadership behaviours and tactics from specialist researchers and respected water industry executives.
  • New skills and tools to continue to develop as leaders over their careers.
  • Greater self-awareness and improved ability to mentor other developing leaders and staff.
  • Strengthened leadership skills that are necessary to advance to executive roles.
  • New social networks with developing and established water industry leaders.
  • Made an investment to a program which aims to generate a positive return on investment for participants’ organisations in one to two years.

 IWC Water Leadership Program brochure

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IWC Water Leadership Program versus Master of Integrated Water Management

MIWM vs leadership diagramTo understand the relationship between the IWC’s Master of Integrated Water Management and the Water Leadership Program, and how they both contribute to the IWC’s vision of creating water leaders, download a high level conceptual model of effective water leaders here.



Are you ready to apply? Use our self-assessment tool

If you are not sure if this program suits your development needs, or if you are eligible, please use our 15 minute self-assessment tool:


Water Leadership Program readiness assessment

Scholarship applicants

Applications for Water Leadership Scholarships are now closed.  

Direct applicants (no scholarship)

Applications are now open. Learn more here 

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Water Leadership Program/Scholarships webinar


Dr Andre Taylor, Leadership Specialist at IWC, presented the Water Leadership Program/scholarships webinar on 15 August 2017. Watch the recorded webinar here   


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