Dancing with Dugongs – free book now available online

Dancing with Dugongs – free book now available online

This book is for people who care about the environment. It’s about having fun and developing a practical philosophy for environmental teaching and research.
Dancing with Dugongs - free book now available online

Dancing with Dugongs tells the story of Bill Dennison and Peter Oliver, two men who have spent between them sixty years of their lives better understanding catchments, waterways, and people and how they interact. It is the result of them sharing stories about their work with each other.

Bill and Peter had fun doing this. They have recognised two important things – that looking after the environment should also be fun, and that there is a real need to reflect individually and with others on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of our work.

Dr Bill Dennison is a Professor of Marine Science and Vice President for Science Applications at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES).

Dr Peter Oliver leaves a long legacy of commitment to Queensland’s coast, having set up Australia’s first Waterwatch group in the late 1980s; Waterwatch now attracts 50,000 volunteers annually. Peter is greatly missed for his exceptional teaching skills, passion, and sense of fun as a senior lecturer in the IWC’s Master of Integrated Water Management program. He also wrote – and performed, with gusto – The Dugong Rock.

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