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Free one-year subscription to IWC Alumni Network

The IWC Alumni Network was officially launched on the evening of 28 September 2011 as a side event of the International Riversymposium in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

International WaterCentre CEO, Mark Pascoe, and International WaterCentre Alumni Network Global Coordinator and Board President, Karen Delfau, spoke briefly at the networking event.

At the inaugural event, Ms. Delfau revealed that the Network has decided to offer all IWC students and alumni a free one-year subscription to the network. So far, the IWC Alumni Network counts three full-time graduating classes and one part-time graduating class in addition to all of the current students. Also, the over 100 alumni from IWC-led Australian Leadership Award Fellowship professional development programs are welcome in the network.

Even with the announcement of the free membership, the network received generous cash donations from those in attendance. Many thanks to all who participated in the event and contributed to this new organisation.

The Network also revealed that it was preparing to undertake strategic planning during the first half of 2012. Strategic planning will be essential for determining what outcomes, timelines and steps will be necessary for the Network to achieve its vision (see This will be an exciting process where we outline the path for the network for the next 5 years, at least.

If you are interested in being more involved in the network, would like to contribute to strategic planning or would like to make a donation to the Network, please contact your cohort representative board member (  Your involvement and participation is what will make this endeavour a success!


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