2015 graduate shares insights into IWC’s Masters program in a video

2015 graduate shares insights into IWC’s Masters program in a video

Diana Madrigal, Executive Director and Founder of Lifting Hands Foundation in Costa Rica, graduated from International WaterCentre’s Master of Integrated Water Management this year. She shares her insights into the Masters program and her final project.
2015 graduate shares insights into IWC's Masters program in a video

Being an Australia Awards Scholarship recipient, Diana Madrigal from Costa Rica is part of the cohort of Master of Integrated Water Management (MIWM) students which recently graduated.

“The MIWM provides tools to face emerging water challenges. With the collaboration of students and professionals from all over the world you learn to work together and seek holistic solutions taking into account scientific, political, social and economical aspects. You are also challenged to think outside of your own context and try and solve problems from countries which are very different to yours”, she said.

Her final project was a situation analysis of faecal sludge management in Costa Rican illegal settlements, where a high percentage of the population uses on-site sanitation systems. The field research revealed the lack of knowledge of the population about adequate maintenance of on-site sanitation systems leading to environmental and health risks. Finally, the faecal sludge management service providers, despite having a key role in the sanitation chain, seem to be disregarded and lack support and encouragement from the government to treat and dispose of sludge adequately.


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Read more about Diana Madrigal’s final project or see her profile page.


Diana Madrigal


Diana Madrigal  Diana Madrigal

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